Sunday, March 22, 2009

Womens 4 race at City Park

It always makes me happy to see familiar faces at the start line; its probably one of my favorite things about our girls team because Julie always makes us laugh, while Theresa can always teach us tech stuff and I know Rip has always got my back. Today was special because it was Angela's first crit and I was happy to see her at the line when I lined up....and even though she is a Piedmont Velo girl; it was good to see Sarah because I know what an awesome rider she is, and knew she would crank up the 4 race! As most girls races (especially 4's) seem to go, we stayed pretty much together until about 3 to go when Sarah finally went. I knew she was strong enough to stay away and already feeling fatigue from yesterday, I didnt want to burn myself out chasing her. Luckily Rip couldn't resist and went to chase her, and I am proud of how aggressive Rip rode today. As much as my instinct was to join Rip on the chase, from what I have learned about strategy it was smarter for me to sit in the pack and not work... so either she could stay away w/Sarah, or I would be in contention at the field sprint (yeah thats it, it had nothing to do with my heavy legs!). Rip is so strong she stayed away until the last climb as we were all approaching the finish. I was patient on the last climb and knew I had more strength for a sprint than the Shields girl in front of me; before anyone else could make a move I went and Rip and I crossed the line at essentially the same time for 2nd and 3rd. Honestly I am happy to take 2nd to Sarah, and it felt great to have 2 MOB girls in the top 3.

See you at Dixie,


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