Friday, February 25, 2011

Greenville 1st Weekend wrap up.....

This was the 1st weekend of the famed Greenville Training Series with racing at the Donaldson Center on Sat. and at the BMW Test track on Sunday. In the masters 45+ we had Rick Creed, Matt Mason and myself for both days. On Sat. with the temps in the mid 70s brought out a large field of old guys of 60+ riders. On lap 3 of 6 around the 7 mile course John Patterson hit it hard taking with him Hank McCullum, Scott Miner, Steve Sperrier and two others. I was barely able to get there but was not able to offer any assistnace. We were caught just pasted the start finish to begin lap 5. Just past the rail road track into a strong head wind Patterson went again and the field sat up and let him go. Coming to the line to start lap 6 Scott Miner and one other rider put in in a dig that gave them a 20sec gap going into the hill on the golf course. Matt put in two big efforts to bring those two back. He got it close but was unable to enlist any assistance from any of the other teams. So it came down to a big old field sprint. coming to the line we were protected from the wind on the inside as I was on Tom Sundys R hip as Tom was Rick's R hip. Rick blasted it with 200 meters to the line and gaped Tom as well as the rest of the field. Tom sat up with 75 meters to go. As Tom was moving R I had to let him know where I was and was barely able to squeeze thru. Rick won the feild sprint for 4th and I finsihed 10th. Good news is we get to do it all again tomorrow.

Spring turned back to winter with temps. in the high 40s and a cold wind all on the front stretch of the BMW test facility. We had 40 riders today with Charlie Brown joining us after he had just beat Tom Smith from POA to win the 35+ race. Rick had a stomach bug this AM and was certainly not on top of his game after throwing up but pined on a number any any way to give it his best. Matt and I just tried to keep as much pressure off of Rick as we could to allow that guy do what he does best and that is get to the line. I was covering early punches and Matt was there to follow. Two guys rolled off on the back stretch with 8 laps to go. I was able to get to them but soon realized this move did not have the right mix and was not going any where. We were joined by the field with 6 to go and Matt took a flyer to take some heat off of Rick and myself for the better part of 2 laps. With 2 laps to go Tom Sunday tried a different tactic since he was not able to get Rick in the sprint yesterday, he took a flyer. I was able to bring Tom back but had little for the finish. With the field in tack it was another big old field sprint. Rick light it up coming out of the last turn holding off Charlie Brown and rest of the hard charging field for the WIN! So for two weekends in a row Creed wins for MOB!

I would also like to say Congrats to Bobby Labonte and his 4th place finish at the Super Bowl of NASCAR the Daytona 500! Way to go Bobby and the #47 team.