Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great MOB Team Effort at TDM

It was a great effort yesterday as MOB 40+ team placed 3 guys in the top 10 with Mark Jellous on the podium in 3rd behind Charlie Brown and Gordon Steel. We had a good showing at the start with Mark Jellous, Rich Melencio, Daryl Rains, Grant Lawyer, Steven Brumley, Tim Gavin, and myself at the start of a very warm day looking at the 51mile loop around Moore Co.
Almost as quick as the moto took off at the start so did Kurt Massy and Todd Stout with myself in tow. We were rotating well and all three of us very commited as we headed out to do the first of 2 laps. Once on to the loop section of the course on a sustained roller we lost Kurt Massey but we picked up a Carolina Masters rider which I think was Grant McAllister. So now it is Todd Stout, Grant and myself with a report coming from the moto that we have a 1:40 on the field. My line of thinking was the longer we are out here the less pressure on the team. After we had completed the first lap and into the second we were caught by a charging field. As soon as we were caught there several attacks which brought out a group of 10. The break of the day had David Leduc, Charlie Brown, John Patterson, Gordon Steel, and Grant Mcallister. It was satisfing to see Daryl Rains and Mark Jellous in the mix. John Patterson put in a attack just before the feed that caused me to come off of the break. The break was now 9 with about 2mins on what was left of the field. I sat up rehydrated and waited on the field. Once in the field I joined Steven Brumley and Rich Melenico to contest 10-15th.
After making the turn off of Lobea Rd we were into the wind for about a 10mile stretch before getting back to downtown Southern Pines. On a little roller Steven was off the front of the field with about a 15 sec gap with Rick sitting 3rd wheel frustrating the two guys stuck on the front trying to bring back Steven. I was sitting two wheels behind Rich watching it all play out. Steven's gap just kept growing ever so slightly as he stayed focused in to the steady wind while Rich just sat on these two guys. Steven turned into the neigbrohood he was gone and had 10th place, so I thought. Now my job was to try to get Rich to the line in the best possible shape. I picked up the lead coming the thur the neighborhood on a inclined and kept the pace as high as I could with Rich on my wheel. I was able to get him onto Midland Ave. but I could tell I was losing it. I pulled right to let him go and rolled on in. Once I crossed the finished line I saw Daryl then Mark but no Steven. Steven came in later and said that he followed the moto off course. After it was all sorted out Mark was 3rd, Daryl was 6th and Steven was placed in 9th. From what I would soon learn was that Grant put in some efforts for the team as the field was bring back the break that I was in to take some of the heat from Mark. It really was tremendous to have Tim with us as well for the support he gave. I can not say enough about the team effort that was demonstrated by all. I can not wait to do it again Tuesday night at Dixie. Rodney

Monday, April 20, 2009

NC State Marathon

Hi folks,
We have an opportunity to help out with the NC State Marathon here in High Point on Sat. May 2nd. If you are not planning to race at Dilworth and can help out let me know. I think it is a great opportunity to fly the colors in what is expected to be about 1,000 runners and others watching. Last year in Greensboro it was warmer than expected and one of the runners who was having difficulty was spotted by one of the riders providing cycle support and was able to notify the EMS to get the runner the medical attention they desperately needed.
Let me know if you are willing to help. Thanks Rodney

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming up - 34th Annual Tour de Moore

In less than 2 weeks the Sandhills Cycling Club will host the 34th annual Old Timers race, ahem, I mean Tour de Moore. For some reason, they choose to run only 3 races: 30+, 40+, and 50+. There are no women's, categorized, or juniors fields, and no cat 5's are allowed to race in these fields either. Its a mystery to me, but I guess they have a reason. Of course, it does result in some interesting fields. So, with that said, who is in and for what race?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Patriot Trail Road Race

What a beautiful weekend for racing! Once again MOB was represented well in several categories. In the Cat 1, 2, 3 event we had Jay and Brad. Representing the Masters 35+ was Mark and Rich. “Doc” Duckett was the lone Mobster in the 35+ 4-5 races, and Paul, Jeff and Ken were in the cat 5 race. The women were once again out in force with Serina, Theresa, and yours truly in the women’s cat 4 event.

Special thanks to Rodney and Blair for driving all the way to SC to work the feed zone for those doing two laps of a rough 45 mile course.

Although I am not sure of all the results I know Serina continues her good form by taking home 5th today. Even though Theresa did a lot of work in yesterday’s crit, she rode very well today.

If I missed any of today’s participants I apologize, and add your comments to this post.

See ya on the road….

Rock Hill Crit

So why they decieded to have the womens's 4 race at 5pm is still beyond my understanding..... Chancey raced at 8:30 and we opted to just hang out 'til my race, so needless to say, it was a long day. After people asking my why i wasnt racing , or how my race went all day (and me explaining it wasnt 'til 5) it was finally time. I was happy to have Theresa (T-Dawg) at the race with me and it was exciting as it was her first crit. I always like downtown crits and this course was a really good .8 mile L shaped course. Our field was only 8 which was disturbing to me because if you tried to sit a few back you were basically the last person. T-Dawg in her normal fashion led the first half or so of the race (we love you) and picked up the first preem, I got the second, and she was less than an inch from getting the last one which was awesome that we almost took them all! Nothing else too exciting....I felt really good, but timed the last corner/sprint wrong but still took 4th with Theresa not far behind. It was a small but talented field so I really enjoyed it and Chancey and Kem were sweet enough to hang around to cheer (Chancey sacrificed his skin to a burn so he could cheer for me.) Oh, and did I mention the weather was awesome!

See you at the next race!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

A rodie does a Tri...

Today was the local World Championship Sprint triathlon in my hometown...Valdese, NC. I have watched this race for many years since it is 1/2 mile from my house and have always said "that looks like fun, I'm gonna try that one day". Well today was that day.

I now have a a ton of respect for multi sport athletes, especially the fast ones. Wow, the top 3 guys were moving! Anyway the race went like this.

1. Swim in a pool for 250 yards, short but fast...I am actually a decent swimmer as I use it to cross train in the winters..its awesome active recovery for the bike. Swim took me about 3:45 I think... not the fastest but no more than 20 seconds slower than the top guys.

2. Bike. YEAH! The course was only 9 miles..again super short and either up or down so there is some technique to riding that kind of TT while keeping in mind you have to run afterward. Bike time was good, fastest of the day.

3. Oh yeah you have to run at the end of these things...THAT SUCKED. I can count on two hands the number of times I have ran in the last 5 years, and I am no good at it to begin with. It took about a mile for the legs to get into a rhythm and that first mile hurt...I actually considered stopping at that beer store we passed and calling it quits!...after that first mile, felt a little better and was able to hobble through the rest of the 5k without puking.

End result: 1st place in my age group (30-34) and 8th overall. I am really looking forward to my next tri..... in 2025!

Friday, April 3, 2009

MOB in Europe!

A European ride report...I was in Germany this week for work, and thought "if I'm there, why not ride?". I stayed in Aachen, which is very close to the border with Belgium and Netherlands. One of my co-workers from the plant hooked me up with a friend of hers and he took me on a 2 hour spin. She really set me up right. I took my helmet, gloves, shoes, pedals and of course the MOB kit and he let me borrow a bike.

Even though we really couldn't understand a word each other said, it was a blast and an experience I won't forget. Beautiful countryside and very different venue from riding in the US. He ended the ride at a local pub in Stolberg, where we met up with his riding buddies who had been on an earlier ride. Their bikes were stacked up outside and they were all still in their bike kits. A true Biker's Bar. We had few Bitburgers and after a couple it got easier to communicate somehow? It was a very cool experience.

Thanks to Jennifer (co-worker) and Franz (my cycling host), I really enjoyed it!

Unfortunately no photos (that's another story), but I did take the Garmin and uploaded the track here.

Back in the US now, see you out on the road.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Nice to see everyone who came out to Dixie. I'm not sure what I am doing out there. I can't seem to understand the tactics in the moment, but it sure is fun and good training. Hope everyone has fun in Rock Hill! I am headed to Connecticut to see the family this weekend, but I am looking forward to the race reports from what I am sure will be a fun weekend of racing. Long races. Hopefully everyone will get together on feeding for Sunday!