Thursday, September 3, 2009

MOB Finishes the Last Ace Race in Fine Fashion

What an awesome night for Cyclo Cross @ SECCA or to finish out the last Ace Race at Ace Speedway. The B race had a nice field of ~30 riders with Rick Lee and Steve Golinski flying the MOB colors. Rick was position at the front covering a flerrie of attacks to allow Steve the opportunity to contest the finish and contest the finish he did. A lone DeOro rider took a flyer with 3 laps to go. Rick went to the front to all but bring him back. The DeOro rider went on to win the Gamblers prine with 1 to go but was caught by a charging Steve and one other rider coming out of turn two. Steve made the move to the bottom of the of the track while the other rider went around on the high side. Steve got a gap with a solid sprint that he started 1/2 way down the back stretch. Steve had such a lead he was able to sit up coming into the home stretch for the win! On the cool down from the B race Mark Jellous and myself congratuted Steve on his victory and Rick on his effort. I then told Mark since Steve won the B race he had to win the A race for the sweep.
The situation for the season standing had Mark on the podium in 3rd and behind 2nd place, Erin Pharm, by 3 points. Mark stated the race setting the tempo at the front with multi efforts with me trying the mark the riders that could compromize Marks 3rd place standing. With 15 laps to go Mark was able to get in to a move with Ben Fualk, Michael Vandy, and a bridging Zandy Collins. Now for my role is was easy 1) either wait for Mark to come around and help him with a lead out and 2) try to get between him and 2nd place Erin.
With 3 to go, the break was well established and not coming to the field, by choice so I just sat on waited. Coming to the line with 1 to go I hit it with all I had from about 4th in the field and just kept digging. I look under my shoulder coming to the line and see Erin coming but he was not going to catch me for 5th place. On the cool down lap confirmed that Mark won and with Erin finishing 6th. This would be enough for Mark to finish 2nd for the series. The events of the evening made for a light hearted trip home. A great night all the way around. Now it is time to get ready for the Carolina Cup. Rodney