Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun in Greenville!

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to give a quick re-cap of the Fun in Greenville! The Master's guys were flying! With Peter Cannell winning the 35+ both days! Congrats to Chip and Daryrl who also finished in the money both days. Looks like Chip is ready for the teams first upgrade of the season! Micheal was riding strong in the cat 3/4 combined field, which made for 2 hard days of racing for him which will surely pay off soon. Riding in the rain on Saturday was a blast. It poured, but the course was safe and Jay and I had fun riding very aggressively. Yesterday was really fast and hard, somehow the same course backwards had a hill in it? The wind was cranked up to about 25mph on the backside, I was riding my new Easton wheels it was so windy I could not ride by myself on the first corner because the wind would rip the bars right out of my hands with nobody to block (I have to get the the weight room). We were really aggressive again, but I think it is pretty obvious by now Jay and I want nothing to do with a sprint, so when we attacked we always get lots of everyone! Congrats to Jay for finishing in the cash Saturday! I was able to drink the most beers on Saturday night with the other racers and was able to bring home the "Rider that had the most fun Jersey" which I am quite proud of! Till next race weekend....


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