Monday, March 23, 2009


Lots of racing in Salisbury and a great charity ride in High Point to support the Cardiac Rehab Program of HPRH. Thanks to Carolina Masters Race Team and Neal Boyd of Charlotte for putting on great races this weekend. Thanks to our own Rodney Simpson for putting on the charity ride in HPon Saturday. Rodney put in alot of hard work and gave up racing on Saturday to make the event happen.
As to the every category that we competed, we impacted the races positively and pushed the pace. The women rocked with wins and great podium finishes both days. Way to go Sirena,Rip,Katie,Angela. Peter Cannell sent a strong message that our 35+ masters team will be a factor in all masters races this season. 45+ was strong with Daryl,Kelly in top 10. Cat 4 presence was strong........we just have to stop doing all of the work for every one else! Pro1-2 had a great presence and included a guest, Charles Thibault from Canada. Great guy and fun to have him ride with us. I am sure I have forgotten something/someone.......sorry. Bottom line is the TEAM rocked and the comaraderie was awesome.
THANKS.......and looking forward to Greenville, NC this weekend.

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P2 said...

Julie and I helped out with registration for Rodney’s event and then we rode the 60 mile route. The weather and route were both fantastic. Rodney did a great job of organizing this event. Thanks to Frank, Blair, Matt, Chip and Rich for volunteering to work the rest stops and driving SAG.
It’s good to know that this team can ride fast and place well, but also takes the time to give back to the community and promotes cycling in general.