Monday, April 26, 2010

Mock Orange Racing Shines At Tour De Moore

Under over cast skies the Mock Orange Racing Team were able to shine and pull off some impressive results with Alan Tripp finishing second in the Pro Am and Mark Jellous finishing 5th in the 40+ race. Mock Orange Racing was well represented with Mark Jellous, Rich Melenico, Michael Vandy, Rick Creed, Tim Gavin, Steven Brumley and myself against a staked field of Carolina Masters riders and company. Vandy was able to get into an early move off the front of the field that has two Carolina Masters riders, Carey Humphries and Derrick Powers plus 3 others. The 40 sec lead by the beak with Vandy and the work of the team was enough to keep the pressure off Rick Creed and Mark Jellous to conserve their energies for the last lap and climb to the finish that would decide the race.
As the field hit the hill all together at the end of the first lap gaps were opening up Mark and Rick able to get over the top with a small group. Steven flatted just after the climb. As we turned on to Youngs road it was groupo compacto, all together as there was a flurry of attacks and counters as we turned onto McPherson Road. A small break formed with Carey Humphries, Matt Botting, Charlie Brown and John Patterson. Mark saw the train pulling out of the station and put in a huge effort to get across.
Rick saw the situation and tried to bridge with Erin Pharm and Chris. Half way across the bridge attempt stalled except for Phram who was able latch on. Now the break is 6 with 3 being Carolina Masters riders. Mark tried to make the most of the situation covering multiple attacks by Carey and John who ended off the front of the break by 30 sec. With Charlie sitting in and Pharm hanging on it was up to Mark and Matt to try and bring back Carey and John. Not for the lack of trying it was another Carolina Masters 1,2,3 with Matt just getting by Mark for 4th and Mark finishing 5th.
Mean while back in the field the team was evenly distributing the labor as multiple attacks and efforts were put in by "The Old Man" and others. Time and time again it would be Rick or Rich or Tim or Vandy that were covering potential moves. Really was great to see an MOB jersey in ever move or effort all day long. At the bottom of the finishing climb Grant McCallister was setting tempo with me in tow. With 1 k to go still feeling good about a potential result. 200meters to go the road pitched up and the slimmed down field is putting the squeeze on and I go backwards as I see Rick moving up. Rick would hold on for 5th out of the field and 11th overall.
All in all a good day for MOB. Til next time be safe and have fun. Rodney