Sunday, March 28, 2010

High Point Marathon

A huge thank you to everyone that volunteered for the HP Marathon. I didn't take many photos this time. Sorry! Julie P

Greenville NC Masters Crit Sat. 3/27/2010

Thanks to Tim Gavin and company for hosting the finest Crit races in the Eastern part of the State. The Masters race started with a solid field of 25 riders. MOB was well represented with Rick Creed, Matt Mason, Daryl Rains, Michael Vandy, Tim "The Promoter" Gavin and myself. Also on the line was David Le Duc, Charlie Brown, Keith Johnson and Grant McCal aster. The plan was to get Rick in a early move with some assistance of the other 5 remaining riders. With just a hand full of laps into the 50min event and Rick is in a good move with Daryl, The Old man David Le Duc, Charlie Brown, Keith Johnson and Grant McCallaster. Matt, Vandy and myself were trying to keep the field together while the 6 man break was getting established. The break would split with the three Carolina Masters riders staying away to eventually lapping the field. Half way through the race Charlie and The Old man would go for a prime and stay away to lap the field. Rick then is in a move out of the field that included Keith, Grant, Ben Swaim, and 1 other rider. This group would eventually get around late with 2 laps to go. On the last lap out of the last corner Rick would come off of Keith Johnson to place 5th with the Carolina Masters sweeping the 1st three spots David Le Duc finishing 4th. I really enjoy racing with the group we have now but also know I have some training to do inorder to provide the needed support so as to break up the dominance by the Carolina Masters. That is what keeps it fun.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mark Jellous Podiums at Uwharrie Wheelman Road Race

The 1st day of spring kicked off with the best weather of the 2010 season. Mark Jellous was able to shine as much as the sun as he finished 3rd out of a break of three with team mates Charlie Brown getting the win and John Patterson placing second.

The number of riders were less than expected due to many choosing to pay their respects to Adam Little who had been tragically struck by a driver and fatally wounded while commuting to work earlier in the week. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family as many made a monetary donation at registration as a show of support as well.

From the team meeting it was decided that Mark would take a flyer from the start to see who would come up to him from the other teams. Carolina Masters had the largest and strongest contingent by far of the other competitors. Rick Creed, Michael Vandy, Rich Melencio and myself would work to support Mark and try to get Rick in a move with Mark as Rick being the best finisher.

True to form Mark went from the gun with two other, a Carolina Masters rider and an OutSpoken rider. They would build a 1:30 lead over the field after 1 lap. At the start of the of lap 2 the attack where coming from Carolina Masters with Rick at the front trying to cover. I was able to make my way to the front to provide Rick some relief. Once there John Patterson put in an effort that drew out Charlie Brown along with Lapp Lumpkin and a Harrle's and myself. This was not exactly what we wanted not realizing that we had such a gap I had no choice but to try to stick the chase to the break. Once I was latched on to the tail end the attacks continued til the Harrle's rider started opening gaps and I was so deep into the red I could not come around. I knew what was coming but as hard as I tried there was nothing I could do. The gap grew and the two of us went back to the field. I was so deep in the red I dropped like a rock through the field and was off the back in a cross head wind coming to start lap 3. I was barely able to get back on and then to the middle of the field when Vandy told me that Rick had broken his pedal and that we should try to get together for the field sprint. I was in agreement with that on the road plan as I thought Rick would be unable to finish but with his experience and being a true bike racer Rick went on to finish strong. I tried to string it out shortly after the last right hand turn. It was further out than I had thought but Rick was third wheel with Vandy being on Rick. Broken pedal and all Rick still making the most of what he can as Vandy was able to get 3rd out of the field. Talking to Mark after the race and on the way home Mark had an awesome day on the bike. Going from the gun. Once Charlie and John got there they droped the two riders that started with Mark and then Mark tried to split the two team mates on the last climb only to have Charlie bring John back up to Mark. What a great result for Mark and for MOB. Really alot of fun racing our bikes with a group of guys that get along so well on such a beautiful day. What a way to spend a Saturday in March.

Monday, March 8, 2010

River Falls Race Recap from Tim G.

Under blue skies and warming temperatures, 4 MOBsters line up for the 45+ River Falls race: Rick Creed, Matt Mason, Daryl Rains and Tim Gavin. Over the first few laps, nothing spectacular happened with the 4 MOBsters paying close attention to the front on the climb. On lap 3 or 4, Daryl got away in a 2 man break on the backside that lasted a mile or two. On lap 5, Rick found himself off the front on the backside and was eventually joined by one other rider. At the end of lap 5, Matt was in a group of 5 that bridged up to the 2 leaders on the climb and the winner would come out of this group of 7. In the end, MOB finished with Matt in 3rd, Rick in 4th, and Daryl in 12th. Overall, a really good race for the 45+ MOBsters with good teamwork. We covered a lot of breaks and did a good job policing the front when Rick and then Matt were away.Tim