Friday, July 31, 2009

Hurt, Pain and agony lives up to its name

It is only 100K how bad can it be.? With almost 7,000ft of climbing in that distance makes it one of the hardest events i do all year. Last Sat. was a beautiful morning as Frank Mullins, Stephen Brumley, Paul and Julie Paisant and myself went to raise proceeds for the Cancer Foundation on one of the meanest and most seneic rides we will do all year.
This ride starts for the 1st 6miles out of the box all up hill with 2 sections of 18% grade. Eric Austin was off the front by the time we turned L onto Frank P Parkway which is the entrance to Stone Mt. State parkway. I set a tempo on the front that pulled Stephen, Frank and Jeremiah Kahn out of the field. Once on to Oklahoma it is still Eric with a gap Stephen's pulls then Frank then Kahn who turns up the heat and takes Frank up to Eric.
The three of them are hooked up and gone once we top out Oklahoma and it leaves Stephen and I as the 1st chase group. As we make our way over to the Parkway I can tell today was going to be a along one with the way I was feeling. Stephen is now taking longer pulls as my turns get shorter.
I start to eat and drink but still was not feeling it. Now it is my team mate who is doing all the work to get me back in. I felt really bad about holding him up as he was almost having to push me up some of the rollers. The worse I felt the stronger Stephen seemed to be.
It was at about mile 40 that while on Stephen's wheel I heard a pop and first thought that he had broken a cable. We pull over and it is a broken spoke in the front wheel. As we are removing the spoke here comes a group of7 lined up like a trian with John Hamblin on the front. They were rolling. Now Stephen has to nurse home a bike that gets high speed wheel wobble and me. At mile 50 we get up the steep 18% pitch up to the the Parkway as I notice the legs are really starting to sting. With less than 8miles to go I cramp so hard I have to get off the bike. After stretching a bit was able to get back on and get back down to the Trap Hill Elementary school where we started. I Thanked Stephen for bring me in and meet up with Frank who was able to finish second to Kahn which is a tremendous effort for the day.
I talked to Paul and Julie who were using the event as training and they said they had a good day as well.
Once I got home and kicked up my heels I called Grant Lawyer who did the cat. 3 race in Reidsville. He told me about his event and Daryl's result then began to tell me about the Pro 1/2 race and how Jay Cox attacked out of the field and that John Hamblin , yes that is right the same one who came by us at Hurt, Pain and Agony towing a group like the engine of a train, joined Jay and Charlie Brown to lap the field. That really hurt my feelings. But it was a great result for Jay who would go onto finish 2nd in the Pro 1/2 race. The good thing about racing your bike there is always another day. See you on the road. Rodney

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