Monday, August 10, 2009

Cat 4 / Crossroads & Hanes Park

The Crossroads Classics are a fun week of racing. This year I raced the last three of the five races in Salisbury, Statesville & Harrisburg, finishing 25th, 15th and 11th. Charles joined in on the fun @ Salisbury and Statesville and rode strong. Congratulations to Jerry Rebo who raced all of the Crossroads races and finished 3rd in the overall. Also, Congratulations to all team members who participated in the races, as we finished third overall in the team competition.

The Hanes Park Classic Cat 4 race was an absolute blast. I overheard several people questioning the decision to reverse the course, my opinion, it was great. We had a strong presence in the field with myself, Rebo, Charles, Matt Chambers and Steve Golinski. Charles, Rebo and I stayed at the front the entire race not letting anything get away. I won a Mock Orange Prime and tried to stay off the front but wasn't capable of doing it alone so I sat up and integrated back into the field. Charles had a plan for he and I to get Rebo off the front on the last lap for a shot at the win but it didn't pan out, Rebo had worked his rear off at the front and chasing down attacks and his legs had left him. Charles executed like he said he was going to and I went with him, I had a shot at the win but finished second with Charles 5th, Rebo 14th and Steve and Matt finishing strong. Great team effort.

I would also like to thank everyone for the offers to teach me to get in the drops, stand up and sprint. I'm pretty sure I get it... LOL

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