Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cat 3 PTO

The cat 3/4's had a great weekend of racing at the PTO. This event has been a huge success since it's inception one year ago. I am amazed at how many good riders show up for this race and the numbers keep growing. This year the 3/4 was huge fielding some 70+ riders in both the crit and road race. Friday nights crit in downtown lexington is definitely one of my favorites. Extremely fast course with wide corners added to the almost 27 mph avg. Besides being one of the biggest fields I have ever raced, I was surrounded by more teammates than ever before. With me was Grant Lawyer, Jerry Rebo, Rick Lee, Michael T., Steve Brumley, Justin Joyce, Preston Anderson, and Matt Chambers (I hope I didn't leave anyone out!). Hats off to all the guys for a great race, especially to Grant who really flew the colors well at the front. Several others made good showings as well. I believe Grant landed a top 20 finish which is really impressive given the amount of work he put in!
Next day M.O.B. was again very well represented at the TT with myself, Rick Lee, Jerry Rebo, and Steve Brumley. I do not have the final results but I know that both Steve and Rick had very good days on the bike and placed in the top 10.
The 3/4 road race was also very well attended with again 70+ in the field. M.O.B. had myself, Grant, Preston, Steve, Chip, Jerry, Rick, and Matt. The race started off fast and did not really let up as we had a really short rr of a little under 40 miles. This course is perfectly suited for racing and the hills at the end of clodfelter made things more interesting. Once again hard efforts were made by Preston, Steve, and Grant to cover attacks and keep things together. It was great to see some many teammates in one race and I believe a good time was had by all. Hats off to both Jerry and Rick who took 12th and 15th in the final sprint.

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