Monday, March 8, 2010

River Falls Race Recap from Tim G.

Under blue skies and warming temperatures, 4 MOBsters line up for the 45+ River Falls race: Rick Creed, Matt Mason, Daryl Rains and Tim Gavin. Over the first few laps, nothing spectacular happened with the 4 MOBsters paying close attention to the front on the climb. On lap 3 or 4, Daryl got away in a 2 man break on the backside that lasted a mile or two. On lap 5, Rick found himself off the front on the backside and was eventually joined by one other rider. At the end of lap 5, Matt was in a group of 5 that bridged up to the 2 leaders on the climb and the winner would come out of this group of 7. In the end, MOB finished with Matt in 3rd, Rick in 4th, and Daryl in 12th. Overall, a really good race for the 45+ MOBsters with good teamwork. We covered a lot of breaks and did a good job policing the front when Rick and then Matt were away.Tim

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