Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mock Orange Racing @ Orange Co. Speedway and Greenville Series

Matt Mason continues show good early season form over the weekend in the 45+ Greenville Series. Matt was able to put his previous knowledge and years of experience to good use as he was able to hold off Steve Sperry for 4th place in the up hill finish of the Fork Shoals Road Race. John Patterson took an early flyer and was able to solo to victory while another rider from Atlanta was able to come out of the field to secure second. With 1K to go on this up hill finish Matt put in a huge effort to seperate himself from the field only to be caught by a hard charging Hank McCullum, with 25meters to go. Matt was able to edge out Sperry and hold on to 4th.
Today back at Donaldson Center Matt was able to make the early break as the group was finishing the 1st lap of 6. With 1 lap to go Matt found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as he had just come off of a pull and came unlatched from the break now of 7. Matt would go onto contest the field and finished 3rd out of the field and 10th over all putting Matt well into the top 10 of the 45+ Masters group with 1 more weekend left. Lets go and give Matt the support he needs to be successful at River Falls and Donaldson Center and move him up in the overall.
MOB racing also had a strong contengent at the Orange Co. Speedway on Saturday as Rick Creed, Micheal Vandy, Rich Melencio and myself entered the combined 40+ , 30+ track event. This was first time to really stretch the legs in somewhat of a crit style race of the 2010 season. The 15-20mph head winds on the back stretch only added to the excitment as we rolled to the line of a small group of about 35 riders. The field was made up of a strong group from Parker McConville's Triangle Velo team that were ready to roll as they had 3 riders that attacked from the gun. My legs filled quickly as I put in an effort to try to draw this very early break close. Rick Creed was able to get across to the break in less than a lap. Which I'm so greatful to have that guy flying the MOB colors! Rich really was working hard to cover moves and fill in gaps that would help to keep pressure off Rick and Vandy. Vandy took a flyer to get to a second move by Parker and company but the season is still early and the windy was getting stronger. Rick let me know that there was 1 rider off the front of the group that I thought was off the back of the field. We asked the official as we went pasted the start finish and the offical said that this rider was a lap down to the group. With 13laps to go Vandy took another flyer to try and take second out of the field. Vandy was caught by the field being driven by Triangle Velo. With a lap to go and Rick a lap up on the field I picked up Vandy for a lead out for what we thought would be second and Rich Melencio in third. It was not until the scoring was complete that we found out the Rick was 1st, his first win of the season and for Mock Orange Bikes, the rider we thought was off the back was scored as second, while Vandy was 3rd, Rich was 4th and I finished 5th. Congrats the Rick for the win and for Matt with his result at Greenville. We are off to a great start. Only 6 days til River Falls. I can't hardly wait.

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