Sunday, March 28, 2010

Greenville NC Masters Crit Sat. 3/27/2010

Thanks to Tim Gavin and company for hosting the finest Crit races in the Eastern part of the State. The Masters race started with a solid field of 25 riders. MOB was well represented with Rick Creed, Matt Mason, Daryl Rains, Michael Vandy, Tim "The Promoter" Gavin and myself. Also on the line was David Le Duc, Charlie Brown, Keith Johnson and Grant McCal aster. The plan was to get Rick in a early move with some assistance of the other 5 remaining riders. With just a hand full of laps into the 50min event and Rick is in a good move with Daryl, The Old man David Le Duc, Charlie Brown, Keith Johnson and Grant McCallaster. Matt, Vandy and myself were trying to keep the field together while the 6 man break was getting established. The break would split with the three Carolina Masters riders staying away to eventually lapping the field. Half way through the race Charlie and The Old man would go for a prime and stay away to lap the field. Rick then is in a move out of the field that included Keith, Grant, Ben Swaim, and 1 other rider. This group would eventually get around late with 2 laps to go. On the last lap out of the last corner Rick would come off of Keith Johnson to place 5th with the Carolina Masters sweeping the 1st three spots David Le Duc finishing 4th. I really enjoy racing with the group we have now but also know I have some training to do inorder to provide the needed support so as to break up the dominance by the Carolina Masters. That is what keeps it fun.

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