Sunday, February 21, 2010

MOB Kicks off the season in Fine Fashion

We could not have had any better weather, Sunny, light wind and 64 degrees on Saturday at the famed Donaldson Center as MOB got the 2010 season started with the Greenville Series.
In a stacked 35+ race we had birthday boy Rich Melencio and new to the MOB Michael Vandy flying the colors in a race that started fast and furious being driven by multi attacks from Ryan Jenkins and several counters from the local Global Bike Team, Great Escape and POA. After 2 hard laps the string snapped with Vandy making the break of 9 riders. Vandy would go on to finish 7th while the race was won in a solid sprint by Darren Marhinka.
In the 45+ plus race Matt Mason and myself rolled to the line with a group of about 60 other old men that included Hank McCluium, Tom Sunday and Steve Sperry. After 2 solid Todd began to slow and I let him know that I was on his right as he moved just left enough to let me through. I was standing on it for all I was worth with happened to be 3 out of the field. After cooling down and checking the results they had me posted as 14th, 9 man break, and some how 2 riders between the break and field, which I was unaware. Oh well, good result for Matt to start the season.
Rick Lee lined up in a large Cat. 3 field. A break went at the start of lap 2. Rick worked with Wyatt Briggs and 2 others to try and bring it back to no avail. With little support and inadvertently getting popped in the nose that lead to a serious nose bleed Rick pulled out with 2 to go. Saving it for another day.
Now for the main event, the Pro AM 1, 2 race. There was a huge field with Team Type I, POA, Subaru- Gray Fisher, and many other teams from all over the Southeast. MOB had Ben Faulk, Allen Trip and Mark Jellous on the line with a group of over 100 riders. Allen initiated the first move of the day just after the right to left chicane. He would be joined by 4 other riders and would stay away until the start of lap 3. The initial break was caught on the hill by the golf course and a counter soon followed. Mark was able to make the 9 man break that would set a blistering pace and covered the 3rd lap in under 16mins. While Ben was policing the front of the field he hit a pot hole while the group was slowing causing him to grip the breaks and sending him over the front of the bike. Ben had medical treat and would find out that he had fx. his R wrist. We want to wish Ben a speedy recovery as he is scheduled to be married on Saturday.
After 5 more exhausting laps Andy Baker had a small gap that incited the Team Type I riders to take up the chase and allowed Mark to follow wheels. Once Andy was caught then the multiple attacks started by Chris Johnson with the BMC development U-23 team, fresh from training camp. Mark held on to finish 7th on the day as the "Old Amature" of the group.
All in all a really great weekend for TEAM MOB.

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