Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rock Hill Crit

So why they decieded to have the womens's 4 race at 5pm is still beyond my understanding..... Chancey raced at 8:30 and we opted to just hang out 'til my race, so needless to say, it was a long day. After people asking my why i wasnt racing , or how my race went all day (and me explaining it wasnt 'til 5) it was finally time. I was happy to have Theresa (T-Dawg) at the race with me and it was exciting as it was her first crit. I always like downtown crits and this course was a really good .8 mile L shaped course. Our field was only 8 which was disturbing to me because if you tried to sit a few back you were basically the last person. T-Dawg in her normal fashion led the first half or so of the race (we love you) and picked up the first preem, I got the second, and she was less than an inch from getting the last one which was awesome that we almost took them all! Nothing else too exciting....I felt really good, but timed the last corner/sprint wrong but still took 4th with Theresa not far behind. It was a small but talented field so I really enjoyed it and Chancey and Kem were sweet enough to hang around to cheer (Chancey sacrificed his skin to a burn so he could cheer for me.) Oh, and did I mention the weather was awesome!

See you at the next race!


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