Friday, April 3, 2009

MOB in Europe!

A European ride report...I was in Germany this week for work, and thought "if I'm there, why not ride?". I stayed in Aachen, which is very close to the border with Belgium and Netherlands. One of my co-workers from the plant hooked me up with a friend of hers and he took me on a 2 hour spin. She really set me up right. I took my helmet, gloves, shoes, pedals and of course the MOB kit and he let me borrow a bike.

Even though we really couldn't understand a word each other said, it was a blast and an experience I won't forget. Beautiful countryside and very different venue from riding in the US. He ended the ride at a local pub in Stolberg, where we met up with his riding buddies who had been on an earlier ride. Their bikes were stacked up outside and they were all still in their bike kits. A true Biker's Bar. We had few Bitburgers and after a couple it got easier to communicate somehow? It was a very cool experience.

Thanks to Jennifer (co-worker) and Franz (my cycling host), I really enjoyed it!

Unfortunately no photos (that's another story), but I did take the Garmin and uploaded the track here.

Back in the US now, see you out on the road.


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