Thursday, May 6, 2010

Racing at Wilkesboro Speedway

Racing on one of the most famed Speedways in America was quite impressive. Sure the track has lost a little of its luster, but the history still remains. I was the only MOB racer in the Cat 4/5 field, but it was still good to be back. By back I mean, back racing. This was my first race back since I had surgery on my spine back in November of 2009. 30 minutes of racing, a solid 13th place out of 28 racers. Not a lot to say other than I'm back, and it's "On like Donkey Kong!", well maybe Donkey Kong Junior! Seriously, great racing every other Wednesday night in Wilkesboro. Great track, great staff, great fun!

Jay Cox, Zach Lail, and Joe Carpisassi were in the A race when I left. Not sure how it turned out, but Jay was off the front as we drove out.

Looking forward to seeing more racing action soon.

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