Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lewisville-Yadkin River Metric

Mock Orange Racing was well represented at the Lewisville-Yadkin River Metric Century ride this morning. On hand were were Rick Lee, Matt Chambers, Steve Brumley, Ken Gulledge and Frank Mullins.

True to form, a Carolina Masters rider (Grant McAllister?) got away very early, and when another rider tried to bridge, he was immediately marked by another Carolina Masters rider, Charlie Brown. In short order, the other rider came back to us mortals and the two Carolina Masters guys were never seen again.

The chase pack pretty much stayed intact after that point until the KOM climb after crossing the Yadkin River around mile 39. After the climb I made an attempt to escape the pack. I was no match for the field which included a strong tandem team from Piedmont Velo. I was reeled in around mile 50 and was cooked.

Shortly after that, Rick hooked up with a small group including the tandem. Matt, Frank and I had an easy time after that, only doing enough work to discourage others from chasing after Rick's group. Rick's group finished about a minute ahead of what was left of the main field.

A few minutes later Ken rolled in and everyone had some good chicken mars ala.

A good day of riding and some good teamwork.

Hope to see a good turnout for Tour de Lions next weekend.

-Steve B

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