Monday, June 15, 2009

NC RR / 50+ Old Men

Well, it was nice to be out racing again after 3 weeks off the bike due to crashing out in Fayetteville NC in the NC Crits. Definately hot at 1pm but a beautiful day. The 50+ team of Doc,Chip,Ralph and I(multiple personalities) settled in the back and conversed with Randy and Kerry Sheilds. An early solo break went off for a full lap and was up 55seconds. 6-7 of us worked to bring it back successfully. At the start of the final lap, there was an aggressive pass to nowhere on the left side of the bridge/85overpass that resulted in a fullspeed run into the median and resulting bodies everywhere.......I was inches from quitting racing on the road forever. Cleaned out my bibs and moved on though. Settled in and felt generally good. Positioned myself exactly where I wanted on the line about 3 back making the left turn to the finish and waited for the road to open at 200 meters as per pre-race instructions. One problem.........the field opened at 600 meters and the lemings were passing by before I decided to jump out and follow. No panic, sat in on a few wheels and sprinted at planned point to pass 7-8 people and finished 5th. Given lack of riding, I was very pleased and especially the way the field opened pre-maturely. Finally learning some and using knowledge. Those that won......never worked and broke early......still on the learning curve.
Got back and saw Rip win the womens race....... a great day of riding.

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