Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The M.O.B. Women were on fire this weekend in Salisbury. Rip took on the 30+ Women's race with no teammates on Saturday. She won the race in the sprint finish. Way to go Rip! That is not the end of it. On Sunday we had Rip, Sirena, Julie, Theresa and Angela in the Cat 4 race. We had the numbers but not much experience working as a team. With the help of Rodney, we planned a strategy for the race. Rip was going to attack early on in the first lap to see who would bite. Repeated attacks by MOB and counter attacks ensued. The pace rarely let up. We never let anyone get comfortable. The pack splintered down to the last 14 women that barreled towards the final sprint. Once again Rip won in the sprint with Sirena in 3rd. Honestly, that was the most fun I have had racing this year....well, except for ALL of Cyclocross! I thought we worked really well as a team. Congratulations Rip! Our new NC State Road Race Champ (x2).

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Rodney Simpson said...

Way to Rip it up ! Nice Team effort and nice write up. Thanks to Julie and all the girls. Rodney