Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spinz for Hope

MOB had two opportunities to fly the colors today with the Lewisville Metric and Spinz for Hope taking place on the same Sat. We had representation at Spinz for Hope with Mark Jellous, Rick Lee (recent dad of twins) , Steve Golinski (who just ran the NC Marathon last weekend), Kenny "G" Gulledge, Grant Lawyer and myself rolled out for some hill work in rolling Randolph Co.
Sandy Endinburger, ride promoter, really did a great job organizing the event that provides funding for Caner Research. The support and traffic control were great.
Things pretty much rolled along til we hit the foot of Caraway. Thanks to the lead out by Steve and then Rick I towed the line til just past the conference center enterance. Mark then hit it pulling out John Fender of Carolina Masters, Wyatt Brings of Piedmont Velo, Grant and myself. The 5 of us were able to cont. til we hit Jerechio Rd. This piece of pavement is nothing but some good old Randolph Co. terrain that is just as much up as it is down. Mark put in repeated attacks til Grant and I said "I 'm done" while I heard the kid Wyatt just grimance. Grant and I took turns rotating at a steady pace to the end of Jericho and then onto Earnhardt Rd. Again more of the same Up then down then up again til we saw the three coming back. We were within 10sec of the lead 3 when of course Mark light it up on the wall on Earnhardt while Wyatt and John turned themselves inside to no avail. Mark was gone for the remainder of the ride. Grant and I are now with John and Wyatt with Mark up the road but still insight on Hoover Hill Rd. It is call Hoover Hill for a reason.
John put in two attacks on our group but he was not able to get away. I knew as we turned on to Kenndey Rd. was going to be a blast til Finch Farm especially since we were now joined by Monty Stout another Piedmont Velo rider. Pretty much we agreed to roll in together which we did. All in all a good day on the bike with some good efforts for a good cause. Now, lets hear the rest of the story from Lewisville. Thanks for the support. Rodney

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